Integrated Web Service and API Docking

Lottery operated and maintained by a professional team, covering mainstream Live(AG,BBIN,SUNBET, etc.), Slot (PT,MG, etc.), Sport (沙巴,皇冠,OPUS,188) games on the market, low cost and high specification, for Customers create more profits.

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    Efficient System Performance

    The system performance is efficient, stable, safe and reliable, and the top technical team provides professional services around the clock. Computer PC/mobile APP (ios, android)/php5 are all supported. The system is compatible with games on different platforms, and fully integrates live video, sports betting, egame and lottery games to create a top-level one-stop service

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    The strongest system background in the industry

    Single background multi-station management, easy to occupy multi-regional markets 14 types of image report analysis, accurate grasp of operational benefits Activity cost management system, effective promotion effect

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    Customized Web Design

    A variety of templates can be selected at will, and the super-speed website can be built in one step. The professional web technology team will continue to update the exquisite templates. Continuously optimize the page design to improve the smooth experience of members

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    Automated Cash Flow System

    Automatic account reconciliation deposit system, successfully reducing human error. Support mainstream payment methods to meet the payment needs of members. Four major account protection mechanisms to ensure safe cash flow.

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    Mobile APP

    We customize the mobile app with exclusive LOGO for each customer, which perfectly matches the two major systems of Android and iOS, which is the best weapon for customers to seize the mobile terminal market. The brand-new php5 mobile web version provides a user-friendly UI design, bringing together a variety of game platforms, free download and installation of mobile phone programs, log in anytime, anywhere, and play immediately!