Why do merchants trust us?

Why do merchants trust us


Spider100 Achievement

  1. Accumulated 500+ merchants
  2. The daily average new member registration growth of the site is 1000+ people
  3. The site has an average daily visit volume of 20,000+ people
2019 Goal: To strive to become the best platform. Let more new customers know about our exquisite cases

Exquisite Case

Design the theme "Creating Happiness with Heart" to enable players to have a better experience, and the navigation bar can intuitively guide players to make choices

The theme of the design is "Happy to Play, Winning Wonderful", with a wonderful and unique homepage, highlighting four major game themes: lottery, sports, egame, and video

Design theme 'Extraordinary imagination triggers infinite possibilities!' Committed to the world's most credible casino, the design team aims to meet the user experience in the overall site layout

Experience the most luxurious live entertainment, the most favorite lottery game among Chinese, and a rich variety of online games, allowing you to enjoy unlimited entertainment

The design theme is "a symbol of brand and strength", combined with the most popular movie and game elements, to enhance the overall artistic effect of the site

The design theme is "International Brand Reputation First", the page layout is simple, the guidance is strong, and the homepage creates the latest products

The theme of the design is "Happy to play, win exciting!", the page design and layout are clear, the game category is prominent, and the guidance is strong

Design theme "Everyone is looking for entertainment, entertainment is looking for 365" The design style is simple, the theme highlights the overall page layout and tidy