Let every business be our friend

Let every business be our friend


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Recently, it has been found that there are fake Skype accounts of our company for fraud. Please add telegram or call our company for authentication when adding our Skype account!


Goals of the Partner Program

become Spider100 Partners of the platform you can get

  1. you will get Spider100 Platform-based software security can customize product solutions with high compatibility
  2. you will get Spider100 Independent operation authorization of platform products
  3. you will get Spider100 Platform 7*24 hours technical service support
  4. you will get Spider100 The platform game software market jointly develops and explores new customer markets

Partner Application Process

  1. Fill in your cooperation intention (contact information, cooperation plan, etc.)
    And send to ocws88@gmail.com
  2. Within 72 hours, we will have a customer service specialist to communicate with you about the cooperation plan
  3. You need to fill in your information in the "joint venture plan form"
  4. Within 72 hours, the partner specialist will further discuss the business plan with you
  5. Sign a Partnership Agreement

Cooperation Plan

Spider100 Platform game development company platform(URL: spider100.com Mail: ocws88@gmail.com), can provide a variety of cooperation frameworks, any reasonable cooperation plan that can create a win-win situation, as long as you propose, we will respond positively

Plan Plan Content Remark
Rent Web Spider100 The platform can provide API access to one or more game channels. Call to Discuss
Integrated Web Spider100 The platform provides you with an exclusive gaming website for cooperation Call to Discuss
Joint Venture From Spider100 The platform provides multi-platform software and technical support, and you can operate and cooperate by yourself! Call to Discuss

Cooperation Plan Selection

Cooperation Application Process