All the products,

it takes time to be seen

All the products, it takes time to be seen


In the east, the dawn approaches;

do not say that your journey is early

Spider100 platform has been making unremitting efforts for the healthy and orderly development of the gaming industry. At the same time, we have been looking for all business partners that can create a win-win situation.

Constantly listen to and meet the needs of users, guide and ultimately exceed the needs of users, and win the respect of users; by improving the status of the company and the image of the brand, employees have a high sense of corporate honor and pride, and win the respect of employees.

Promote the healthy development of the gaming industry, grow together with partners, and win the respect of industry partners.


The highest virture is like water, it benefits all things in the world


Standing in the same boat and working together

Speak with Strength


Spider100 Platform Project Launch

Spider100 Platform Project Online

In March, the IT department was established

In September, the front-end development department was established

In December, the technical customer service department was established

Adopt comprehensive Anti-Attack Technology in July

In August, the og platform was launched

In November, the og platform was launched

Mobile version launched in December

The product department was established in March

Established the project management department in April

Mobile version upgrade in April

System architecture upgrade in October

Established the design department in May

The overall structure was upgraded in July

Pre-launch of World Cup matches

Sports Technology Architecture Upgrade

Add dozens of platforms to join cooperation

More traditional lotteries will meet players

Support the official gameplay, so stay tuned

We will cooperate with more third parties, rich lottery, sports, electronics, video, everything

More the face of