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Spider100 Advantages Advantages

Rich platform applications to support the operation of merchants

One-stop solution to merchant needs, enterprise-level notifications, and more timely message reminders

Anti-attack System

Quota-free Conversion

Make the game more enjoyable

Platform Maintenance

Games do not affect each other

Quickly build a website

Multiple Themes offers

Webmaster can customize lottery odds

Comprehensive Risk Management

Webmaster can customize edit


Powerful Operational Analysis System

Coming Soon

Real-Time Risk Monitoring System

(Guarantee the safety of each player's funds)


The industry's first self-developed

B2B Lottery, Sports

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    Platform Management

    The platform independently forms lottery and sports events into an independent management system

  • 2

    Reduce the Cost

    Reduce the degree of coupling, and the system can be upgraded independently without being affected by the main system, increasing the online operation time and reducing maintenance costs

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    Product Experience

    Paying attention to the player experience of the product is our purpose, and regard the experience as an important part of the product

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    New Feeling

    Unprecedented fluency, giving members a new feeling during the game

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    Perfect Integration

    Perfect Integration

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    Big Data

    Processing Power

    Professional Grade Hardware

    Stable and Safe

    Professional Service

    Responsive and Efficient

    Professional Team

    Strong and Orderly


    Virtual Currency USDT

    What is USDT

    USDT is a virtual currency that pegs cryptocurrency to the legal currency U.S. dollar,
    It is a virtual currency kept in a foreign exchange reserve account and backed by legal tender.
    It is also the most popular and largest settlement currency.

    Mature Technology

    Good Compatibility

    Flexible Application

    Safe and Simple

    7*24 hours non-stop shift staff

    Safeguard your website funds


    Rich Gameplay

    Spider100 Popularization. Rich Gameplay. More Security



    Light and Luxurious Texture

    Lead the Industry Trend



    Hot and Fun Variety

    Gaming fuels your passion



    Thousands of gorgeous

    Interesting themes give you a sense of accomplishment



    Mysterious girl

    Interact with you from time to time


    Self-developed CDN service

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    HTTPS Encryption
    Guarantee the Security of Player Information

    In order to ensure the safe operation of many websites and prevent sensitive data from being intercepted or tampered with by hackers, the HTTPS encrypted online technology is fully implemented to bring a credible and assured access experience to the website.

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    Multi-layer Security Protection Strategy
    Effective Defense against DDoS threats

    The multi-layer DDoS defense system and the global distribution of DDoS cleaning centers can effectively fight against DDoS attacks that have been regarded as global network security threats to ensure the stability and reliability of the website.

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    Powerful Bandwidth Resources
    Top Hardware Configuration

    Full use of ultra-high bandwidth, greatly improving the amount of data sent in real time and processing speed, while providing players with an ultra-high-quality gaming experience. Whether it is a data center, server, switch or even a computer room, in order to provide efficient support for the website, it is equipped with high-level specifications and standards, which can fully cope with the high traffic caused by the surge of visitors.

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    High Defense Independent Acceleration System
    Provide a High-Agility Gaming Experience

    Provide high-defense CDN nodes all over the world, guarantee the best access link, provide HTTP2, SSL acceleration, page compression, image optimization and other refined acceleration services, creating an amazing high-response experience!

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    7/24 Website Rescue
    Provide you with Expert Service

    We have a 24-hour professional technical service team, from security consulting, system maintenance, network attack defense to various security inspections, we will deal with your various emergencies as soon as possible!

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    Cooperative Third Party